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Roundtable is a technology company that enables market researchers to deliver high-quality data quickly and efficiently.

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Building the infrastructure for market researchers

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Our story began out of a need to streamline data cleaning in market research. Roundtable's AI-powered API automates the analysis of open-end responses, saving researchers countless hours of manual work.

Founded in 2023 by two Princeton PhDs and backed by Y Combinator and Brickyard Ventures, Roundtable is harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize market research. Join the Roundtable community and help shape the future.


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Using Roundtable’s powerful API, we can identify GPT-generated, off-topic, disengaged and nonsensical responses, as well as copy/paste answers and unusual typing speeds.

Our commitment to data quality has been integral to our growth since day one. Integrating Roundtable with our tech is an additional step to ensure the accuracy of our results, preserving the integrity of our research and allowing us to provide our clients with reliable human-generated insights.

Alex Morrison
Co-Founder at Obsurvant
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The more we dug into the market research industry, we became stunned at how rampant fraud and manipulation of data and surveys were. In addition, we were equally surprised at how little, if any, real solutions there were in the market. This, coupled with the founders' ability and passion to bring trust and transparency in this space, we knew we wanted to join the team at Roundtable.

Matt Patterson
General Partner at Brickyard Ventures
Our story is still being written, and we're excited to see what the future holds. Join us on this journey, and together let's redefine what it means to conduct market research.
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