Updates to Alias v015 Behavioral Tracking

We’re excited to announce a significant improvement to Roundtable Alias, a significant update that improves our ability to identify and prevent survey fraud.

Blog image for behavioral tracking post.
6/23/2024. The key feature of this update is the introduction of the Typing column in your survey dashboard.
Our algorithms now analyze typing data more thoroughly, examining factors such as:
1. Typing speed
2. Rhythmic patterns
3. Overall input behavior
This analysis allows us to distinguish between genuine human input and suspicious bot-like activity with greater accuracy.
Above are two examples of a suspicious vs non-suspicious bot.
The first corresponds to a bot who types in an oscillatory pattern, but follows a pre-defined rhythmic structure. The second, human response is more variable - there are pause events and backspaces, and these behaviors suggest attentive human behavior. An interactive visualization of both typing behaviors is given below.

Staying ahead of survey fraud

The Alias v015 update specifically targets a new sophisticated form of bot: one that bypasses traditional copy/paste filters, and instead enters text character-by-character in an oscillatory pattern to mimic human typing.
As we like to say at Roundtable, survey fraud detection is a cat-and-mouse game. Increasingly sophisticated fraudulent actors will continue to bypass security measures. It is our full-time job to identify and mitigate these threats, so that you can be confident in the data you have gathered.
We remain committed to staying one step ahead of emerging sources of survey fraud. The enhancements introduced in Alias v015 are just one example of our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of data quality in online research. With this update, you'll spend less time sorting out bots from humans and more time focusing on what matters most - making decisions and conducting meaningful research.